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Nursing Home Altoona

A great nursing home offers a wide range of care from medical to emotional, to social and even personal needs. There’s also the peace of mind that comes with knowing a loved one is in great care. 

All these and more are what our nursing home in Altoona has to offer. If you are looking for a nursing home for regular personal custodial care or special skilled care, then our senior living in Altoona is the place you would love to go. 

To paint a clearer picture, here is a highlight of the features of our nursing home and why you would prefer to entrust us with your caregiving needs. 

Our Nursing Home in Altoona: Everything We Offer

To make a well-informed decision about the best Altoona senior living to settle on, here’s a run-through of all we offer: 

  • Adequate Staff

Our team of specially trained, certified nurses and caregivers are always available round the clock to cater to the general needs of our residents. They include personal hygiene/nutrition and special care for the occupants of our home. We also have a vast number of staff to provide sufficient attention and care to our occupants.

  • Personalized Care

We pay attention to the specific physical, medical and social needs of each resident, giving them the best possible care they require. 

  • Healthy Social Interaction

 As a way of maintaining and improving the health and well-being of our occupants, we encourage and help them engage the staff and other occupants in healthy social interactions. This has proven to be a great way of sustaining the mental and social well-being of the people in our care.

  • Conducive Environment

Our facility’s environment is not only kept sparkling clean, but we pay attention to the aesthetics as well as believe in the beauty of simplicity. In other words, we have a serene and peaceful environment that is always kept clean with our residents’ utmost well-being in mind. 

  • Recreational Activities

We have several recreational programs facilitated by our in-house staff. These activities range from physical to mental recreational exercises such as sports, workshops, and theatre. 

  • Feeding and Nutrition 

Just as we pay attention to each person's specific needs, we are also intentional about the feeding habits of each person relating to health benefits or issues as well as nutrition.

  • Healthcare

Our team of certified nurses and caregivers who are constantly caring for the residents are always available for routine or emergency medical attention. They have been specially trained and certified to offer a wide range of medical services, ranging from emergencies to simple routine checks and medication follow-up.

  • Technology  

As much as possible, we do our best to update our facility at our retirement homes in Altoona with the latest technology. Ultimately, we aim to aid our caregiving services and also improve the comfort of our residents.

  • Affordability

As great as they may sound, all of the above perks at Altoona nursing home are available at an affordable rate. We also have special, attractive packages that will suit your specific needs. 

All our services, our staff, the environment is done excellently with one thing in mind; our residents receiving the best caregiving service possible. You can be rest assured that you or your loved one are in great hands. Contact us today for more inquiries and to patronize our excellent nursing home service in Altoona.

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