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California Drug Rehab Programs

When trying to deal with addictions or get off substance abuse, enrolling in drug rehabilitation programs is a positive step towards actualizing the dream. Depending on the California drug rehab programs, courses are designed differently to accommodate and eventually acquit participants.

These programs are usually divided into different spheres of the patient’s life in order to create a balance during the rehabilitation process and make it exciting too. Some are designed around edibles, some around art, some around sports, and more. 

In some centers, these programs, available for affected participants in California, are regarded as courses. Some include:

Music Recording and Production

Music is known to have a way of healing the soul, so it is no wonder it is part of programs in drug rehabilitation centers. The space for this program is usually fashioned in a manner that feels appealing to the soul and serenades one’s creativity.

The therapeutic effect that the melody produces contributes to recovery. This course does not require a patient to be a seasoned musician or music producer in order to take part. It is a program forged to accommodate the best and crudest of talents, abilities, and expressions.

Through the help of experts in the music industry, working hand in hand with rehab counselors and therapists, participants are helped to express themselves from time to time through vocalizing, songwriting, song arrangement, music production, and sound engineering.

Plant Education

This involves enlightening participants about cannabis as medicine. Cannabis is a substance that has been a source of addiction for a very long time. It immensely contributes to the number of addicts out there. Thus, it is pertinent to educate people about the goodness of cannabis when prescribed by medics in measured quantities.

Cannabis is known to have easing and healing effects on health issues such as cancer, epilepsy/seizure disorders, chronic pain, nausea, arthritis, glaucoma, and the likes. This will help them know that cannabis is not bad but can be injurious when taken without a medic’s prescription and monitoring.

Digital Arts

When we see memes or digital jokes, they tend to provoke humorous feelings in us. Tapping into this source of honest bliss to engage the mind of a rehab participant is a great idea. In this program, partakers get to create these memes, be the originator of smiles and laughter for other people. That feeling of fulfillment that comes with the satisfaction others derive from one’s creation has an excellent effect in livening the mood of a rehabilitating patient. 

Other Programs Include:

  • SWISH: which is otherwise known as activating soberness while integrating sanctioned herbs.
  • TOWER GARDEN: which involves adopting an urban farming experience.
  • THC RADIO: which entails doing internet radio broadcasting. 
  • BIO-FEEDBACK: which is a full sensory therapy. 

The blend of these courses would undoubtedly aid in the process of breaking ties with addiction. Take that first step today and reach out to our drug rehab center in California. Contact the Heavenly Center for the best outpatient addiction treatment in all of California: 855-9THCNOW.

California Drug Rehab Programs